Cat Cafe in Hikone


I had planned to visit the cat café in Osaka, the very first one to open in Japan, but little did I imagine I would run into one in Hikone on my way to the video game store. Cat cafés are extremely popular in Japan as  many of its citizens live in apartments were pets are not allowed. So everyone whether they live in an apartment or not, can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere surrounded by loving balls of fur. My stress from my upcoming Japanese final simply melted away. It was a perfect day for a somewhat homesick study abroad student who misses her pets. I noticed the pictures of cats on the outside and of course like a cat my curiosity was instantly peaked. I went in, removing my shoes. I had some difficulty communicating because my Japanese is fairly nonexistent, but eventually I was able to get across that I wanted to spend an hour. For 10 minutes the cost was 170 yen, 30 minutes, 500 yen and an hour cost me 900 yen. Drinks and cat snacks where 100 yen. There was a bucket of toys to play with the cats and a bookcase full of kitty books and manga. In the corner there was notebook to share comments about the cats and your experience. I left a nice little note, even though it was in English I wanted to convey my thanks for the experience. I spent most of my time with a cute little white cat with a green and blue eye. She was very talkative every time I stood up. All the others where snoozing away. It was very quiet, since it was the middle of the day, I was the only one there.  I look forward to going again and I hope to go next week before I head to Shiga University.


Directions: From JCMU- Continue straight from the school, pass the first light and at the second light turn left. The sidewalk will run parallel to the river. Continue straight down until see the Big Boy across the street, turn right. There will a 7 Eleven up ahead. Continue until you the meet the intersection right in front of the international lounge. Turn left, continue straight until you reach the second block before Al Plaza. Turning right, you will cross the intersection. Continue straight until you reach the point where the street curves. Turn right, there will a awning and a statue on the corner of the street you turn on. Continue straight, passing the Heiwado and you will run right into the café that is located on a corner.

Here is a link to their site in Japanese (of course):


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